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Weekly Prayer Requests

Updated Tuesday, January 19

Calvary Members

Interceding for one another as we rotate through our church membership. 
Peter & Jamie Iorio
David & Tyla Jackson
David & Nancy Jacquot
Richard & Petra James
Tom & Kathy Kalavoda
Al & Laura Kaziunas
Thomas & Karen Keenan
Robert & Joanne Kehley
Diane Keller
Daryl & Carly Kennedy
Cathie & George Kimmerly
Millie Kimock

Submitted Prayer Requests

Prayer requests remain on for one week; requests are updated on Monday and Friday. Scroll below to send in your own prayer request.

Al Kaziunas – Al had back surgery on Friday morning, January 15. Please pray for his recovery.


Donna Storrs – We praise God for the blessing of another daughter. We celebrate this past weekend as our son, Craig, married Amanda Yerkes. Please pray for this happy couple.

Submitted Prayer Requests Outside of Calvary

Hope Bilder – Please pray for the Moore family to have emotional healing, forgiveness, physical healing, and restored faith through Jesus.

Missionaries and Ministries

Missionary:  James Osinski, DiscipleMakers, Lehigh Valley
CBC Ministry:  
Children's Sunday School Ministries
Local Church:  
Bethel Memorial Baptist Church, Pastor Brent Robinson
NAB Church:  
Bethany Independent Baptist Church, Hackensack, NJ, Pastor Solomon Gordon
Unreached People Group:  Pray for the Makhmi in India (Population: 12,000,  Percentage of Evangelical Christians:  0%,  Largest Religion: Islam)


Civil Servant:  Sec. of State Mike Pompeo
Friends in the Military/Law Enforcement:  Micah Furtick, Army Reserve (Grandson of Charlie & Jan Anderson)

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